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Implant Reconstructions

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Before: This patient needed extensive dental treatment to restore the teeth of her lower jaw.

X-ray: Her lower left molar could not support a bridge. Two implants replaced her missing teeth.

Abutments: Gold abutments were made to fit the implants and support the overlying crowns.

Crowns: Crowns were cemented on all teeth and implants, resulting in a beautiful reconstruction.

Before: Several issues required immediate attention.

Problems included periodontal disease, some hopeless teeth, cavities, failing restorations and cosmetic concerns. An insufficient bony foundation made bone grafts necessary to support implants.

After: A brighter and straighter smile restored both beauty and confidence.

Periodontal surgery, extractions, bone grafting and implant placement surgeries were completed. Then, custom abutments were attached to each implant. Lastly, porcelain crowns were made and cemented to all teeth and implants.

Before: This patient had multiple problems with her teeth.

Cosmetic concerns, missing teeth and many failing restorations were her primary issues. In addition, a severe grinding habit had resulted in heavy wear and loose teeth. In a collaborative effort, she received orthodontic, periodontal and implant treatment before referral to our office for restorations.

After: A stable and functional result with the appearance and feel of natural teeth.

Metal-ceramic crowns were fabricated and permanently cemented on all teeth and implants. Some crowns were splinted together to provide additional support for her weak and mobile teeth.

Before: This case addressed multiple major dental health issues.

At this stage of treatment, this patient had already received periodontal surgery and three dental implants. A host of serious problems remained, including cavities, failing restorations and crowding.

After: Crowded teeth were straightened using restorations, a procedure sometimes called “instant orthodontics.”

Abutments were attached to implants. Then, porcelain crowns were fabricated and cemented onto all implant abutments and teeth. This beautiful, functional reconstruction looks and feels just like attractive natural teeth.

Before: This patient had several serious problems.

Her issues included cavities, heavy wear of her front teeth, cracked teeth and failing restorations. Inadequate bone support required bone grafts prior to placement of two implants.

After: Implant abutments and porcelain crowns completed this reconstruction.

These methods and materials are far more superior to treating with partial dentures and silver/mercury fillings. She not only has a restoration that looks and feels natural, but her result is exceptionally strong and durable.

All clinical photography is unretouched and provided by Dr. Bryant and Dr. Junge.