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Before: This patient’s front tooth required extraction.

The tooth was beyond saving. Inflammation from the fractured root and failing root canal are evident in this before photo. Cavities were present on the adjacent teeth.

After: An immediate implant was the best solution.

At the time of extraction, an implant, abutment and temporary crown were placed. After healing, a zirconium abutment was made for the implant, and porcelain crowns were attached. Our patient was thrilled with the natural appearance and the convenience of immediate implant placement.

Before: This patient lost his tooth in an unfortunate industrial accident.

The implant was placed by another clinician before referral to our office, for fabrication and placement of the abutment and crown.

After: He was absolutely thrilled with this gorgeous result.

A custom fabricated zirconium abutment was attached to the implant using a gold screw (see x-ray). Porcelain restorations (a crown and veneer) were then cemented to the implant abutment and the adjacent natural tooth.

Before: This patient was missing her upper central incisor.

Because the bone was exceedingly thin at the extraction site, this patient would typically be unable to receive a successful implant without prior bone grafting surgery. This is commonly a separate procedure requiring months to heal before an implant can be placed.

After: An implant restoration provided a comfortable and natural-appearing result.

Implant placement and bone grafting were both completed in the same appointment. This patient was thrilled with the shortened protocol. After healing, an abutment and crown were made and attached to the implant.

All clinical photography is unretouched and provided by Dr. Bryant and Dr. Junge.