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Before: Smoking and periodontal disease deteriorated this celebrity’s smile.

Her natural teeth and restorations had become stained and discolored. Receding gums had exposed metal margins of old restorations and spaces between her teeth.

After: Her beautiful, youthful smile was restored.

Our patient provided earlier photographs, which were used as a guide. Porcelain crowns filled the spaces between her teeth, eliminating the shadows. And, porcelain margins will never show the dark lines of metal margins.

Before: This patient’s front teeth were injured in a serious accident.

Having completed orthodontic treatment and root canals, they were ready for restorations.

After: The beauty and function of her smile were renewed.

Porcelain crowns restored the lighter color and more natural contours of her front teeth, creating a smile even better than it was before the accident.

Before: A gummy smile with teeth that appeared too short.

All teeth had yellowed and were badly worn. Periodontal disease had weakened the support of all teeth, causing some to be unsalvageable.

After: A beautiful and healthy smile.

Periodontal surgery improved the periodontal health and eliminated the gummy smile. Implants replaced the missing teeth. All teeth and implants were restored using individual porcelain crowns.

Before: Inferior dentistry hindered this model’s career.

Dull, opaque crowns with visible metal margins needed to be replaced. And, more teeth should be crowned to cover the dark, tetracycline-stained teeth.

After: A full, natural-looking, sparkling smile is ready for the camera.

The ten porcelain crowns cannot be distinguished from real teeth.

Before: People often thought he had no upper teeth.

His upper teeth did not show when he smiled. Ideal treatment for his underbite and wear would have included jaw surgeries and years of braces.

After: Personal life changes caused him to seek a more immediate solution.

By shortening the lower front teeth and using crowns to lengthen all upper teeth, a dramatic result was achieved. After thoroughly preplanning this case, the actual treatment required only two appointments.

Before: Appearance and function were both important issues.

Motivated by cosmetics, this patient also had many functional problems with her teeth. Cavities and failing restorations were present, and a grinding habit had caused her teeth to become worn, chipped and loose.

After: The smile of her dreams.

All teeth were restored using metal-ceramic crowns (the strongest ceramic restorations available). Crowns on weak teeth were splinted together to provide stability and support. Porcelain margins avoided metal shadows at the gum lines.

Before: An accident disfigured the appearance of this patient’s smile.

She had broken an incisor in a fall and needed the tooth repaired to restore her smile.

After: Her smile is whole again.

A new porcelain crown created a repair that is virtually undetectable.

Before: News flash: Hockey can be bad for your smile.

A “high stick” fractured two lower teeth, and the angular fracture of the cuspid extended beneath the gum and bone. Many clinicians would have recommended extraction. But, we chose to save this tooth through a combination of orthodontic, periodontal and restorative dental treatment.

After: A combination of treatments saved this tooth and restored this smile.

Following a root canal, the broken fragment of the original tooth was bonded into place. This allowed the orthodontist to move the tooth upward. Periodontal surgery then evened the gum line. Finally, a crown and veneer restored its original look, feel and function.

All clinical photography is unretouched and provided by Dr. Bryant and Dr. Junge.