VELscope screenings help reduce oral cancer risks.

Oral cancer starts out as a tiny lesion in the soft tissue of the mouth, which includes your lips and tongue. In the early stages, these lesions are usually painless. And because they may form in places you can’t see, like the roof of the mouth, they often go unnoticed until the cancer has spread.

But with early detection, the disease can be caught before it spreads. And nothing can detect oral cancer earlier than the VELscope. The device uses a special blue light that illuminates the soft tissue in the mouth and gums. Under this light, any abnormalities will stand out, including those invisible to the naked eye. We take note of these abnormalities, so they can be checked further and treated if necessary.

An annual VELscope screening, which is quick and pain-free, is recommended for all adults. It is included in our yearly exams at no additional cost to our patients. If you haven’t had yours, we invite you to make it a priority and call for your appointment today.

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