Dr. Junge gives back in Bhutan

As a private pilot, Dr. Junge was well aware of the lack of healthcare in these poor, remote areas. A previous mission had taken him to the Amazon. This time, he wanted to reach out to Asia. “These places have no infrastructure,” he notes. “There are so many people in need.”

He devoted upwards of 12 hours each day seeing patients, and spent his nights sleeping in a primitive tent. Though the schedule was grueling, he found the work exhilarating. “You’re dedicated to helping people, and everyone around you feeds off the positive energy.” Dr. Junge was inspired by the spiritual nature of Bhutan. “The people seem so happy. They spread happiness. It’s inspiring to see how a life with so little can be lived with so much joy.”

Dr. Junge feels that working with Flying Doctors of America has changed his outlook on life, especially when it relates to living in the United States. “I’m grateful for every little convenience we take for granted, and I recognize how fortunate we are. It’s easy to get stuck in a bubble, but getting out and experiencing the world on this level has helped me realize what is really important.”

He plans on continuing his work with the organization and is looking forward to a trip to Peru in the future. “If you are able, as a medical professional,” he concludes, “you should try to donate your services at least once in your life. The personal reward far exceeds any time or effort spent.”

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